Sometimes, We Never Really Change

Short Film | Narrative

After a long time away, a former drug addict and abusive partner returns home.

Written & Directed by Christian Pinglo 

Starring Nicholas Tene, Adriane Moreno & Joel Isaac

Director's Statement

To Everyone,

‘Sometimes, We Never Really Change’ is an exploration of the complexities and consequences of addiction. After having the opportunity to attend alcohol & drug addiction related group meetings in early 2018, it provided me with a completely new perspective on this disease.

Through intense observation and listening, I was fascinated by each person’s story. The root causes which led to addiction were similar, but each path towards recovery unique. Relapses, complex relationships, support, no support, rollercoaster of visceral emotions — this is when I came to the realization that I could only understand their struggle up to a certain point, because if you’ve never experienced addiction, you’ll never be able to fully comprehend the difficulty of it. All of this led me to write the rawest script I’ve ever written; guided by the words leaving both their eyes and mouths.

Naturally as human beings we evolve, we grow. But the paradox is that due to the same nature of our human condition, we regress, and sometimes to places, we’ve never been to before. Places that may be the most difficult to leave, and those surrounding us may think it’s permanent. What has to happen to us in order for us to transcend past our black holes? When is enough, enough for those surrounding us when we take a step forward but then fall many steps back? How do we experience the necessary change from our darkest period to a brighter future?

As human beings, through love & support we can help produce positive change in another person’s life. But ultimately, it is up to us, the individual, to make our own decisions in order to truly experience the change that will allow us to flourish, even when it may be the loneliest road of the human experience.

With much love,

-Christian Pinglo




‘Cesar’ | JOEL ISAAC


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Christian Pinglo

Christian Pinglo & Nito Arias

Christian Pinglo & Nito Arias

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